FAST-resQ is the perfect emergency breathing apparatus for a whole range of applications.

Designed for use across a range of applications, the FAST-resQ is the perfect emergency breathing apparatus for life threatening situations that require the wearer to remain in their location. Featuring the FAST-mask face mask, with its automatic head harness, the wearer cannot make a mistake in donning the mask.

The FAST-mask head harness automatically tensions as soon as a face seal is achieved. The FAST-resQ is designed to connect to an airline supply system in the wearer’s location or to a portable air supply.

  • Quick and Easy Donning

    For faster protection

  • Available in

    FAST-mask and FAST-cowl face mask.

  • Optional Airline Cascade Coupling

    And QuickFill high pressure refill coupling

  • Certifications & Approvals


Facemask moulding
FAST-mask Black silicone
FAST-cowl Light grey chloroprene/natural rubber blend
Head harness assembly Flame retardant polyester outer sleeve with internal silicone tubing
Medium pressure supply hose Reinforced EPDM
Demand valve regulator hose plug connector Rectus (CEN pattern), Foster, Hansen and Stäubli

Operation (EEBA) –30°C to +60°C