One of the most preferred Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus from our family of products.

FAST-mask is a positive pressure, self-contained, open circuit, compressed air Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus for Personnel working under various hazardous environments. It gets instantly activated when the face mask is deployed from the carrying bag, the head harness automatically inflates, and at the same time purges the mask of any traces of hazardous gas.

Face Mask Positive Pressure 1.7 to 5.9 mbar
Demand Valve Peak Flow Rate >500 litres/min–1
Approximate Weight 4.5 kg (including face mask)

Operation Temperature –30ºC to +70ºC
–40ºC when Winter Cover fitted and stored prior to use in accordance with Cam Lock stated range of storage temperatures
Maximum Humidity 95%

Item Materials
FAST-mask moulding Silicone
FAST-cowl moulding Chloroprene, natural rubber
Facemask visor Polycarbonate
Facemask head harness Flame retardant polyester sleeve with
internal silicone tube
Demand valve assembly Glass filled nylon
Medium pressure supply hose Reinforced EPDM
Muster hose plug connection Rectus (CEJN pattern) – Foster, Hansen
and Stäubli
Cylinder valve assembly High tensile brass – nickel plated
Carry bag Nylon coated PVC