Breathe easy while combating hard with ADOM FC – The ultimate solution for military aircrews facing high-altitude conditions.

Engineered to provide superior respiratory support, this mask features advanced technology and premium materials to deliver a continuous flow of oxygen, ensuring optimal performance and comfort. With adjustable straps, a lightweight design, and secure fit, ADOM FC provides aircrews with the confidence they need to operate effectively and safely, even in the harshest environments. Whether you’re facing challenging high-altitude conditions or simply preparing for them, ADOM FC is the perfect choice for aircrews who demand the best.

  • Combat Mission Capability

    High G – High Altitude

  • Dynamic Face Seal

    Automatically adjusts under varying
    conditions guarantying mask seal.

  • Standards & Approvals

    ASIC – ASMG 4068 / MAA – Def Stan 00970 NPA/2012-003

Standards ASIC – ASMG 4068 / MAA – Def Stan 00970 NPA/2012-003
Head Supported Mass 204g (Small – Blue) 214g (Medium/Large – Red)
Sizes: Two (2) ID colour codes: Blue – Small / Red – Medium/Large The reduced size of oxygen mask cavity decreases the CO2 dead space volume
Temperature Range Operational: –40°C (–40°F) to +70°C (+158°F) at 5 – 100% RH Non Operational/Storage: +4°C (+39°F) to +30°C (+86°F) at 65% RH max
Helmet Compatibility HGU-55/P, HGU-68/P, HGU-84/P, HGU-56/P, ALPHA 200 Series, ALPHA 300 Series, ALPHA 700 Series and ALPHA 900 Series – NVG & HMD compatible BAE Systems Striker I & II and LIFT Airborne AV2.2
Dynamic Performance Pressure Breathing at Altitude (PBA) – 72mm Hg at 60,000ft Pressure Breathing with G (PBG) – 60mm Hg at 9Gz and onset rates under flight conditions of 8G.sec and 15g.sec
Shelf Life Exceeds the requirements of MIL Spec 810E