QUEST range of SCBA Respirators are best suited for Type 1 (Industrial) or Type 2 (Fire Fighting) use in various conditions. The QUEST SCBA offers fully automatic mask sealing – with a harness that automatically tensions as soon as the face seal is achieved.

The QUEST is a positive pressure Self Contained, open circuit, compressed air Breathing Apparatus (SCBA). Dependent on the end user application, the QUEST-SCBA can be selected with either FAST-mask or FAST cowl face mask options. The FAST-cowl face mask system provides wearers with a much higher protection factor performance than the FAST-mask, including wearers with facial hair/beards.


Face mask positive pressure 1.7 to 5.9 mbar
Demand valve peak flow rate >500 litres/min–1
First stage (balanced) regulator 1000 litres/min peak flow rate
Approximate weight 9.5 kg (less face mask)

Operation temperature –30ºC to +70ºC
–40ºC when Winter Cover fitted and stored prior to use in accordance with Cam Lock stated range of storage temperatures
Maximum humidity 95%

Item Materials
Harness assembly Kevlar/Nomex flame resistant material
Tubular backframe 316 Stainless Steel
Medium pressure hose Reinforced EPDM
High pressure hose Stainless Steel braiding c/w PTFE liner and Polyester outer sleeve