The QUEST range of SCBA Respirators are best suited for Type 1 (Industrial) use in various conditions. The QUEST ASV for industrial use is equipped with an Automatic Switch Valve (ASV) that switches from the airline/cascade hose supply to the SCBA breathing air cylinder supply in the event of an interruption or failure of the hose supply.

When the automatic switch over occurs, an automatic audible alarm (whistle) sounds to alert the wearer they are now being supplied by breathing quality air from the SCBA cylinder.

Face mask positive pressure 1.7 to 5.9 mbar
Demand valve peak flow rate >500 litres/min–1
Approximate weight 9.5 kg (less face mask)
Airline/cascade medium air
supply pressure
8 to 10 bar

Storage temperature +4°C to +30°C
Operation temperature –40ºC to +70ºC
–40ºC when Winter Cover fitted and stored prior to use in accordance with Cam Lock stated range of storage temperatures
Maximum humidity 95%


Item Materials
Harness assembly Kevlar/Nomex flame resistant material
Tubular backframe 316 Stainless Steel
Medium pressure hose Reinforced EPDM
High pressure hose Stainless Steel braiding c/w PTFE liner and Polyester outer sleeve
Pigtail hose plug connector Rectus (CEJN pattern), Foster, Hansen and Stäubli