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Over the past 36 years we have built a strong clientele across the globe, and have served some of the most high risk industry verticals.

Whether it’s a small-medium enterprise or large corporation, we’re always on the forefront to fulfill our clients’ commitment to protecting lives of people working in their organisation.

Our cutting edge life protection equipment and solutions have addressed the niche requirements of these industries and have ensured that their people are safe in the most hazardous environments.

EquipCarePro TM

The Cam Lock Advantage

Bridge the gap between your safety vision and reality with our equipment care program.

At Cam Lock we understand the nuances of life protection equipment, and therefore we know how to keep them at their very best.

Choosing to have your Cam Lock Equipment maintained and serviced by our expert technicians means choosing reliability, surety and usability.

How can you benefit from EquipCarePro?

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