Job Title: Sewing Technician

Reports to: Production Supervisor

Hours of Work: 40 Hrs Week
Timings: 7:30 am – 16.45 pm Monday – Thursday |
7:30 – 12:30 Friday | 30 Min Lunch break
Role Overview: Will involve Sewing of Fabric Components in Preparation for Bonding also involves the Use of Adhesives required for the bonding of Mask/Cowl Materials.

Good eye for detail required.

A Sewing technician is expected to follow the formal written work instructions ensuring they work safely, correctly producing high quality life sensitive components to the expected standards, working efficiently to deliver parts on time to the next part of the process. Also, the technician is responsible for reporting abnormalities, engaging in continuous improvement activities and maintaining the good housekeeping standards of 5S. Population of data / quality related collection sheets, time sheets and hour by hour white boards. Operations are to be performed using only the provided and designated tools and equipment.


  • The technician will be given training at induction but must familiarize themselves with all safety policies and procedures and be accountable that those policies and procedures are being adhered to.
  • Escalate all safety concerns that he/she becomes aware of.
  • Report any/all injuries or pains to the Cell Leader.
  • Attend the start of shift local performance information and company news meeting. The cell leader is specifically responsible for coordinating the start of shift meeting. Technicians are encouraged to place ideas on the opportunities board to improve all areas of the business such as Safety, Quality, cost, delivery and people.
  • On a daily basis a cell / team leader will observe that the technicians are adhering to Work Instruction. The technician is expected to highlight any anomalies on written instruction to the cell leader.
  • Technicians are expected to participate in problem-solving efforts to prevent recurrence of problems.
  • Support all initiatives that reflect the company goals of driving towards world class performance KPI’s. See performance measures.
  • Assist in Job Instruction Training.
  • Identify “waste” in the process and suggest how to eliminate.
  • Complete required paper work such as production records, charts, quality information
  • Understand and adhere to the Attendance policy and procedure consistently.
  • All documentation and records needed to be updated /submitted. Eg return to work, holiday, TMS.
  • Participate in as minimum, annual employee appraisal.
  • Adhere to scheduled stops (Breaks/Lunch/Communication Meetings)
  • Support the development of Team Members
  • All individuals are to be treated with fairness, equality, dignity and should be afforded all opportunities and direction for personal growth. This encompasses the complete developmental needs to bring them to the level of competence that will enhance their chances for advancement.
Performance measures
  • Accidents
  • Safety audit failures
  • Efficiency
  • Timeliness
  • Absenteeism
  • Skills Flexibility
Grading System
  • Cam Lock are always looking to develop their own staff and are very keen on offering people the chance to learn and further themselves within the business. In order to help with this the company has provided you with a grading system, a series of levels to aim for to further develop your skills as a production technician.